Stress ECG

A Diagnostic Stress ECG recommend for a number of reasons:

  • To diagnose conditions such as coronary artery disease (a chronic disease in which there is a “hardening” or atherosclerosis of the arteries) in patients with chest pain. Coronary artery disease can be diagnosed through an exercise stress test if it is causing cardiac ischemia (in which the heart is not getting enough oxygen-rich blood) and/or arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms).
  • To diagnose a heart-related cause of symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath or lightheadedness.
  • To determine a safe level of exercise among heart patients who wish to increase their level of physical activity.
  • To screen for coronary artery disease in selected high-risk patients who do not have symptoms. General screening, however, is not recommended.
  • To gauge exercise capacity in heart failure patients who are being considered for a heart transplant.
  • To check the effectiveness of a balloon angioplasty (a procedure in which plaque in the arteries is pushed back against the artery walls to make more room for blood flow), or other procedures.
  • To predict future risk of dangerous heart-related conditions, such as heart attack.

Medusoft can provide a complete “turn key “  solution  including the treadmill or just the standalone Cardiax stress ECG  system

CARDIAX as a portable stress ECG

The  ECG-amplification unit and software . which can easily fit into into a pocket .
It is connected to a computer or portable device ( windows operating system ) wirelessly (WIFI).      Setup within a few minutes for a full functioning Stress ECG system (access code needed !)

CARDIAX STRESS ECG( activation required )

  • Include the Cardiax rest ECG by default .
  • Stress ECG module for treadmill
  • Stress ECG module for ergometers.
  • Automatic control for treadmills or ergometer
  • Pre-programmed stress  ( Bruce , Bernoulli …etc)  and customizable protocols .
  • Manual override of steps possible
  • Prompt for Blood pressure measurement .
  • Multiple safety features
  • Advanced reporting and annotation functionality.
  • Direct emailing the digital records

Optional modules

  • ABPM attachment ( hardware and software )
  • Pulse oximeter attachment ( hardware and software )
  • Remote monitoring, controlling.
  • Networked database ,  Networked application.

For detailed specification consult with the user manual or contact with us

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