Rest ECG

In 1872 a French physicist  , Gabriell Lippman  invents the capillary electrometer ,creating the foundation for later ECG devices. From  1990’s  the computerised  ECG  with interpretive algorithm  and advanced analysis has become a standard diagnostic tool in any  hospital  and general practitioners.
CARDIAX –ECG is one of the most notable development at that time and ever since it keeps up the race by being the forefront of implementation of any new inventions to facilitate the cardiology assessment for the health professionals.
CARDIAX ECG has been always the revolutionary and core product with many other ECG development. It is also branded under different names in USA/ Europe / Asia  and priced higher !

The most cost effective solution is to source from us


$ 3200+ GST


  • CARDIAX Hardware
  • Patient cable with patent endings
  • USB cable
  • Software


CARDIAX-ECG  is a 12 channels interpretive ECG which works in synergy with a PC  ( connected via USB or WIFI)    to  create an environment of easy and fast health assessment with a professional diagnosis (inbuilt artificial intelligence). The economy of  this solution comes not only  from the competitive price but the portability and simplicity as using the Cardiax-ECG improves the utilization of the healthcare resources .

Winning features

  • Compact size , unbreakable enclosure
  • Not required external power supply.
  • Simple use with guaranteed quality ECG records for interpretation.
  • Up to 12 channels , freely selectable electrodes
  • Automatic Interpretation and diagnosis ( on/off)  )
  • Hardware or/and software algorithm noise reductions ( on/off)
  • Multiple annotation features
  • Advanced reporting functionality
  • Modular software options ( Rest, Stress , ABPM…)
  • Tele-cardiology  functionalities  included by default.

Free Cardiax –ECG viewer !

The Cardiax software can be downloaded from our website  and installed at any number of location without any restrictions. This  will allow to anybody to replay  interpret the dynamic (digital ) recording ,  focus on critical areas and create their own report which makes a big difference in second opinion  in compare only  reviewing  a static reports  created by someone else. 

The context sensitive user manual is always available online while th offline version can be used as a reference text book as well.

CARDIAX REST –ECG ( default module )

  • Quick and simple installation.
  • Easy to use functionality guided by warnings on electrode placements, loose electrodes or excessive external electric interference   are just some of the features which allow to be used by a less trained health professionals successfully.
  • Selectable 8/16/32 sec snapshoot recording
  • Long time recording ( any lengths )  will allow the cardiax-ECG   to be used as a bed side monitoring device   
  • Clinically validities automatic diagnosis is one of the heralded feature which allow the general practitioner to evaluate the next step or prescriptions  in confidence.
  • Compare ECG recordings
  • Advanced reporting and annotation functionality
  • Direct Emailing the digital record

Optional modules

  • Pulse oximeter attachment ( hardware and software )

Recent versions of Cardiax can display the online SpO2 curve acquired from the ChoiceMMed wireless (bluetooth) pulse oximeter unit. The Cardiax program must be set up to communicate with the ChoiceMMed pulse oximeter device

  • Remote monitoring
  • Networked database, Networked application.

The new CARDIAX WIFI has become the only version that Medusoft will promote for the new customers while support for the previous versions has been maintained. Parallel to this solution the company has also developed the Android version for mobile devices ( phone , tablet ) In line with the WIFI development  and software functionality the device has also become more compact , and lighter .

Special features of the CARDIAX ECG WIFI

  • compact size ( 1/3 of the previous version )
  • The increased sampling rate offers more accurate recording and diagnosis
  • The WIFI capability suggest more convenience (can also be used with USB cable connection )
  • The WIFI option allows wireless connection to Windows based system.
  • The ANDROID version of the software would work on a android mobile devices (tablet, phone with 3G or higher )
  • ECG recording easily can be transferred between the PC and Android device.
  • Allows you an elegant and flexible opportunity to consult with your colleagues.

The android version ( mobile , tablet ) is a full featured 12 channels rest ECG .
It can be activated in a matter of minutes. Ideal for emergency, for the travelling GP , cardiologist or mass screening in remote locations. WE have customer who use them in remote regions as in Fiji , or in the Himalaya where even access to the power is limited . We also suggest solar panels to capture energy ( store  in a power bank ) which can charge both the phone and the Cardiax device .

For the android (for your telephone  or tablet please visit the Google playstore and search for CARDIAX

For detailed specification consult with the user manual  ( click to open the pdf ) or contact with us
Base package : WIFI CARDIAX hardware , light patient cable  ( patent ending ) , USB cable

$ 3200+ GST


  • CARDIAX Hardware
  • Patient cable with patent endings
  • USB cable
  • Software

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